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(866) 890-3387

1.2 of 5 stars, 17 ratings
Is on the top list of the spammers of the day.

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  • First Premier is a Cancer that needs to be Cleansed from this Earth. They screwed me over, stole 200 dollars from me, and put me over my credit limit with hidden fees and bullshiz. They also caused my credit rating to drop around 130 points!!! Like are you Fkn serious??? I paid on time for 6 months straight, it raised my credit score like 20 points… I am late on 1 payment, they put me over my credit limit, and I am broke so I can’t make a payment, and it drops my score by 130!?!?!? I am trying to paddle up a Fkn Waterfall with Chopsticks is basically what I’m dealing with, when it comes to First Premier Bank of Fkn People Over!!!Report this comment Report this comment

  • 1st Premieres credit card. calling about account being over limit that they caused by adding annual fee with no warning on site like they use to!!Report this comment Report this comment

  • Just keep calling and calling and calling!Report this comment Report this comment

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15 of 17 users have rated this number as negative.

Blockings (22)

2 people have blocked this number in the last 30 days

Ratings (17)

3 people have rated this number in the last 30 days

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100 calls from this number have been registered in the last 30 days

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(866) 890-3387
+1 866-890-3387