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Other reason Got call from this number. Caller ID shows 800 Service and they leave no message. I've gotten several calls listing this 800 Service from several numbers I'll list below. Unfortunately I have an ex-wife, divorced over 25 years, that has gotten herself in big financial trouble. The problem with that is the collection agencies Google her name and I'm still listed as a spouse or a possible relation. So they have been calling me over the past year to see if I have any information on her or possibly try to collect from me. Fat chance on that last one and I haven't spoken to her since the divorce. So some or all of these numbers could possibly be collection agencies. Another problem is that I made the mistake of giving to a charity last year and they sold or shared my number with other charities and now they all think I'm Daddy Gotrocks. I no longer give to charities over the phone and most of them have questionable practices as to how much of your donation actually goes to the charity they are calling about. Other numbers that list this 800 Service, number of times they have called in the last 30 days will be listed in ( ): 877-228-6131 (3X); 877-221-6515 (1X); 844-624-9431 (3X); 855-256-8425 (4X) Again, they leave no message but it is a hassle when you are expecting a call and you are doing something and have to check the phone to see if it is the call you are waiting for. 04/18/2018 6:05 pm

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(855) 256-8425




+1 855-256-8425



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