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Customer Service This number is MyHeritage customer support. They have an automated system that will call you and transfer you or give you options only if you answer the call. If you don't answer then it will just hang up since the systems only job is to automatically dial your number and make transfers only of someone answers. I'm not sure what all will warrant their system to call someone but in my case it called me because i added the membership to my cart in hopes that their would be an option to make monthly payments but it only has strictly annual memberships. So i backed out of the cart which in turn made the system call me. It's just their way of trying to talk people into buying the membership or another dna test. 04/17/2018 1:05 pm
Customer Service They have an automated system that calls you if you dont fallow through with a purchase for the membership that I added to my cart. They dont leave a message since the automated system only transfers you or gives you options only after you answer, so no voicemail is ever left. 04/17/2018 1:03 pm
Sales PUSHY!!! Just wanted info, they call CONSTANTLY every day!!! 03/26/2018 6:35 pm

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+1 844-225-3690



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