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Fraud Krissy Schuh scum. And I'm told her life is ruined from all the fraud she was involved in. Barsee n App Business closed. And she's broke 01/17/2021 2:14 pm
Fraud Kristin Marie Schuh. Who once was a Lawyer. Was Disbarred in 2014. She stole 20 thousand dollars from a client she represented. Then started Vestigate and Barseen App...... And stole from all 48 of her Investors. Her Businesses been shut down. Her Bank Accounts Frozen and she's been Indicted on Fraud. Along with her Business Partner Sally Grace Kushner Those Investors all thought they were Investing in a Business and never thought that their money would be stolen. The App Barseen and Vestigate no longer available. 01/17/2021 2:12 pm
Fraud This guy calked from Barseen earlier. And I anserwed his questions and told him that I know nothing. I think he called for the person that had the number before me. 01/11/2021 4:15 pm
Fraud I wish Krissy Schuh would just leave me alone. 12/17/2020 6:07 pm
Fraud I looked them up Bar seen App. All the reviews were negative. And the people that own it stole money. 12/05/2020 11:41 am
Fraud Kristin Schuh. I can start by saying I don't lime her. And I know others don't either. I don't trust her. I think she's a very dishonest human being. And I know I am not the only one that feels this way. And yes I do know her. Met her. Had a few conversations with her. Youcam tell just by talking with her that some things off. Not right. It's a disgrace what she's done to the people that financially helped her. And without their money she wouldn't been able to get her Business up and going. Then she screwed them all over. Every single one of them. And they were friends she knew. And I think a few Family members. So she has no respect from me. And I know others that feel the same way. I'm glad her Business is shut down. Im glad that she's being prosecuted. And I really hope that all those people she wronged get their money back. What she deserves is jail time. 11/28/2020 10:17 pm
I met this guy Ngoli an hour ago. I forgot if he said he sued the Woman that owned that App Bar Seen. Or what. It doesn't matter............ I know damn fact.. They are a bunch of money hungry individuals. They'd steal from their own Mother if they could get away with it . I went to Krissy's Halloween party. She had it at someone else's place. She live down the hill from that place. I told Ngoli she had it there because she didn't want people to know where she lived. Then around the Holidays I heard a few things about them. So I later called a few friends I knew. I knew one of them would have the answer. What I heard was right. Krissy was Disbarred and changed her name and stuff............ And later on. I heard more things about her and her Business she had. First Vestigate then renamed to Bar Seen. When Businesses change names like that. There's seriously something not right. And yeah. It wasn't. They renamed the Business to screw over the people they owe money too under the previous name....... Its a sleazy tactic Businesses use that owe a lot of money...... Then later yeah. It's out there. That Krissy been sued. Her Business partner too for Fraud. Then I hear the Lawyer they hired helped them do sleazy things. And he gets his license pulled. He helped them. And he even lied to the Court. He got caught and he too got Disbarred........... Now Their Business is gone. Shut down.......... I told this guy Ngoli if Krissy doesn't end up in jail. She probably will try something else to get and grab as much money as she can. But I have an idea that there's a very good chance she and the others involved in all that Fraud most lonely they will... End up in jail............... They stole enough money from their investors that puts them in a class a felony A felony.... That's the most serious felony. And their Lawyer too is in serious trouble lying to the Court and falsifying paperwork. So he just on that alone is in deep trouble....... In my line of work and the people I associate with see and hear what's going around in the Tech world. And when people in the Tech field in the Business gets screwed over. Word gets around........ So yeah. I heard quite a bit on Krissy Schuh and her App. 11/25/2020 9:08 pm
Fraud I was asked to email you on your Web Blog by Ngooli Nyerenda. He said that I have to tell you this. It was 3 years ago. It's sort of stupidly funny. This is about Kristin M Schuh.. And yes I did tell her this. And the look she gave me and two friends. Clasic. So classic. She was talking about being sued by a guy that invested money in her App Business. And she said. She offered to pay him back in paynents. Stretched out for a year. And he wouldnt hear of it. And his Lawsuit became Public knowledge and this Woman going on hiw it's embarrassing and making her look really bad as a Business Woman. And he suing her hurting her reputation and she's losing money. So she told us. She's suing him back for Damages. And he's a piece of crap. And all kinds of things. She shows us her phone look thats his Facebook page. He' F this and that. I will have him Court for years. I have a great Lawyer named Michael on and on. This will cost him so much money suing me. Michael will stretch the case out for years. Cost him more in his Legal fees. On and on. How she this and she that. She's such a big shot in the IT Business. Her App will be worth so much money. And this guys Lawsuit will bankrupt him. Then the guy next to me said. Krissy I highly doubt that. Then she said why the F you say that. You don't know shit. I know my stuff. I know how this will play out. Then he said. Don't you know. That guys Father ownes a Tele Communications Company in Boston. That guys from a very Wealthy Family. She looked it up on her phone. She had no idea that his Family worth Millions. They have property in Hyannis Port Massachusetts. Beacon Hill in Boston. Hes from old money. Her face dropped. The look. You could tell she had no clue at all. Then she left a few minutes after. She went to call her Lawyer. Classic.. So Classic. And she had no idea too that the guy was a friend of the plaintiff. And he had no idea of that Guy was even in a Lawsuit... Until this Woman opened her mouth.... Look guys poor me. Boo hoo feel sad for me.... But I'm a big Woof. And I have a great Lawyer. People think I'm great. Look at me.... 3 to 4 years later. Shes out of Business. Being sued by a lot more people. And her big time Attorney been disbarred. And she lost everything...... I bet that guy today the one from the Wealthy has the last laugh on her. Nohooli calls her The Biggest Loser. 11/23/2020 4:43 am
Fraud Lets just say... Krissy Schuh and her Lesbian Lover Sally Kushner lost everything. And now they headed in serious legal trouble. Their Barseen App crashed and Burned. The Court shut them down and froze all of thier Assets. And thier Lawyer Michael J Gulden been Disbarred. They deserve it. And everything else they get. Including prison time 11/18/2020 1:17 pm
Fraud My Facebook buddy asked me to write you and say a few words about the Barseen App Woman. She's a Cog... Small entity in a big world of eletronics.. Lol which is so right. Thats tech talk. Another words. She's a nothing. Her App is the stupidest thing anyone could ever imagine to create. Waste time logging into a bar app to see whos there or not. No one cares. And log in to check drink specials. Or who the bartender is. .... Seriously. Who the fuck cares whos working the bar. You're there for a drink not to go just because the bartender is hot or not. And she used other peoples money to get the App up and going. Thats a sign of failure right there. To rely on other peoples money. Because lije this. Once that cash flow ends. And if you don't have your own money...... Then what.... You're fucked..... Plus that wird got around she was steaking the money. And using a majority of it fir herself. And she never paid people. Like her Decelopers in the beginning. So they ditched her. Then she had to go with another. When you don't pay people.... Word gets around in the industry. The tech world is very cut throat industry. And she never been in Business before and never worked in tech before starting this App. She had to have been very dessperate. To start a business with no experience and to grab the idea from somebody who suggested it. She started the App. Because she was Dessperate and she burned all the bridges in her previous profession. She did Law. And ended up getting Disbarred cheating a Client. So to start a Business after that. She was a fool. A dessperate fool. And look where she's at now. No Business. No money. And in some serious Legal trouble. She was doomed fron the beginning. 11/18/2020 1:12 pm

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