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TexasUnited States

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Sales stop 05/22/2019 12:15 pm
I'm not trying to be mean, but I never liked ur fake wanna be butt .. anyone who threatens or hits or calls their own mom a b**** and desserts her over Christmas for some nasty ... 2 bag needed chic.... Is a simple waste of time... Besides we all know it's a cover up .. caught u and ur toy red handed in sthe shower..... And u told me u weren't gay LMFAO... They're all laughing at you ... Pfft.. now I am too... Toodles 01/14/2019 7:54 pm
Fraud negative 12/20/2018 5:01 pm
Cost trap robocall 12/17/2018 4:53 pm
Other reason you will find who it is 05/31/2018 2:33 am
Other reason spam 05/21/2018 11:56 am
don't call me again 10/01/2017 5:54 pm
not trying to be mean or your phone will be blocked I don't ever want to talk to you anymore stop looking for me on the internet don't ask somebody else's phone to call me because I never liked you cuz I'm not trying to be me but you're ugly and you're not Hispanic and I need in Hispanic people! 09/19/2017 10:06 pm

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(832) 291-9999




+1 832-291-9999



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