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Fraud Fraud - charges on bank account show a phone number and charges from Uber. I called the number and it’s a rewards program and would not give me information. I told them I am reporting them to the police. Close down your card ASAP over $200 in charges 10/13/2021 12:56 pm
Fraud Pretty much the same as a lot of reporters. There was no phone call. This number showed up on our bank account statement (debit card) stating a $64.35 charge for an Uber Trip. We don't use Uber. We live in TN, and the charge was in CA. I don't know how they got our debit card number. 10/09/2021 2:15 pm
Fraud Charged me $52 dollars for Uber eats and I don't even have an Uber eats account. Called my bank and cancelled my card, I don't even know how my card got stolen as I still have my physical card. 08/11/2021 10:52 pm
Other reason This was a charge for a restaurant pickup on my credit card and was legitimate; I was not called, it was the number to call about the charge on my Visa. 07/27/2021 10:27 pm
Fraud I had a fraudulent charge from UBR POSTMATES with this phone number on my recent VISA account. I have worked with both UBER and POSTMATES customer support, but they confirm it is not a charge from them. There was not phone call, only a charge on my credit card. This is a FRAUD. 07/04/2021 5:02 pm
Fraud Was charged for uber eats which I haven't used since a year ago.Charged around $50. 06/29/2021 1:47 pm
Fraud 800-592-8996, this is a scam!!! i got charged from this number, dine in restaurant in California, which i never traveled there since 2014!!! SCAM 06/24/2021 11:19 pm
Fraud They tried to spend close to $50 for uber?!?!?! Who are these people! Turn your cards off! 06/10/2021 8:53 am
Fraud 8005928996 is taking money from my debit card and I do not even used uber, I want them to stop doing those things because i do not use uber. 05/19/2021 9:40 pm
Fraud Someone in downtown Roanoke VA used this number to charge an uber trip. Cancelled the bank card that it was charged to. In the process of going to uber client services. Anyone had any success with Uber about fraud charges? 04/04/2021 11:54 am

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