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Other reason because it's a scam 02/27/2019 3:43 pm
unknown 11/14/2018 7:58 pm
Debt collection agency They called so many times they asked if i new some address i so no ! Don’t call again and blocked them ! 05/18/2018 12:11 pm
Fraud spam 05/08/2018 1:16 pm
Other reason I am not sure why this number calls and it calls often -however when I answer the phone there is no one there just nothing ... then disconnects - no voice mail has ever been left - they are harassing me but I do not know why or how they have my cell number... it's very frustrating and I don't know how to stop the calls. 04/18/2018 12:05 pm
Debt collection agency They call my cell phone # multiple times per day. Worst part is, the cell # they are calling is a recently acquired business line for my dental practice which is used for emergency after hour calls for our main office & the appointment scheduling line for our office that’s open 3 days a week-meaning the calls are forwarded. These calls disrupt our day to day operations. 04/05/2018 7:05 am
Debt collection agency I get a call from this number every Monday morning. I don't answer, of course. Research shows that they are a "debt recovery" outfit, meaning that they have bought up old debts from somewhere and are trying to collect on them. It is not known if any money that they collect will actually go towards paying off that debt. While I haven't spoken with them, other people report that they are very nasty and aggressive. If you talk to them, know your rights. A valid debt collector must send you a paper copy containing the details of your debt in the mail, don't agree to give them anything based on a phone conversation. Report them to your State Attorney General's office, they are a scummy bunch. 03/19/2018 10:42 am
Other reason Debt Collector 03/02/2018 10:51 am

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