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Debt collection agency SCAM!!!! I answered the call and this guy starts telling me that this is my chance to low a credit card rate. and I told him I dont have a credit card, and to please remove my number from the call list. He says but according to your account you do. He kept going rounders with me. After 5 times of telling him I dont have a credit card. He then go's on telling me that my identity was stolen. And I said that is not possible. He trying to tell me how I need to get my Identity back. Then he just hangs up. Now I'm under the age of 18, so there is no way that Some one can use my identity to get a credit card. anyway I called the number back and it came up as an AT&T credit card union. and all they would want was your credit card number or your social secretory number. 01/17/2019 4:24 pm
Sales sales call uses different numbers all the time. 12/10/2018 12:17 pm
Sales I have asked to be removed from list several times. I have selected the options for do not call and they continue. I tried being firm, professional, and threatening. I am not sure who gave this company. I am looking forward to participating in a class action lawsuit against this organization. I have blocked them again. 09/28/2018 12:46 pm
Fraud Standard lower your interest rate scam. So I asked him if he had the money to pay me for the scam. I told him that in the past his friends paid me $500 to take the hit for the team and do his mom. I told him that is how he was born and how all scammers are born. He mumbled go (f***) yourself and I told him that is how he was born. That His mommy was so ugly I had to take the hit 4 times for the team just to calm her down. He then hung up rating -200 07/16/2018 6:54 pm
Fraud Major SCAM !!! comes up as "AT&T UNIVERSAL" on caller ID . When you call 1-800-423-4343 answers with message :" AT&T UNIVERSAL CREDIT CARD" . DO NOT !!! DO NOT!!! give them your credit card number or any information... AT&T does not have a credit card... it's a play on AT&T U-verse... which is phone/internet/directv. 07/10/2018 12:26 pm
Fraud It does not matter how many times you tell them you DO NOT HAVE A CITICARD, or anything to do with AT&T, they continously call and call can call.. I will be returning the favor using my amazing call-bot I built, oh and hey, don't ask me to remove your number 8004234343, because life you I will refuse.... PS: Still can't find this phone number being related to any legitimate AT&T/Citi webpages, they are all fake a$$ looking websites.... I have filed a complaint with the state attorney generals office, as well as local police, and have also record 6 different conversations that involved me requesting my number be removed, on 6 different dates and times.... 05/30/2018 4:54 pm
Fraud When I called back the number because I missed it an automated response said "Welcome to At&t card services" in the same tone and voice as the real At&t. Then immediately went on to say "What is your credit card number?" lol. It didn't even try to trick you just came right out asking 05/29/2018 5:24 pm
Other reason Unknown reason for calling, as the line was completely silent. Guessing another phishing scam. No point in blocking the number since they'll have a new one tomorrow. 05/22/2018 12:14 pm
Other reason gary gorman and gaspar are smoking crack with randy again 05/14/2018 4:02 pm
Other reason Gave them fake name and address. The lady did remove my number from their list but I'm gonna block anyway. 05/10/2018 6:56 pm

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