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Other reason because that call doesn't pertain to me. It's a spam call and you caught it! Thanks 09/12/2019 1:56 pm
Fraud Dish - who cares because we have never had Dish, cancelled DirectTV, Google top ranking, lower cc interest, cheap health insurance - you name it these POS come with new scam flavor by the hour. Number has been blocked but that does not stop these POS low life pond scums to keep calling us @ 8:33 pm as we if are as stupid as they are and will answer their POS pond scum call !!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the moon is made of moldy cheese and I have a used rocket in my back yard for these POS to fly to planet mars and burn as soon as they leave earth's atmosphere. Phone Co CEOs who continue to allow these POS scum bags to open new accts day in and day out can join these POS to planet mars. OR these POS pond scums can rot and burn in hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 09/11/2019 10:31 pm
Service Dish Network Scam Brian Bates called telling elderly mother that they were upgrading Dish in their area and since it was being done - their Dish Service would no longer work in 2 hours. Had Mother get the number off the Dish box and setup the online account. Dish changes were automatically charged to the credit card for over $115 and again for over $76 Packages were changed 3 times and the last package selected would have cost over $119 per month. They had package that was only $37! They also asked that a check be mailed for over $150 to the following company and address first thing the next day (Monday 5-14-2018) The call back phone # was 800-295-1231 Exponent Solutions LLC P.O. Box 300468 Brooklyn, NY 11230 Wanted my mother to call their tech support at 855-295-1231 when check was sent the following day. When she did not call back to let them know the check was in the mail they called again! Calls from 800-333-3474 May 13th 6:26 PM and 6:52 PM and 3:13 PM on May 14th 05/15/2018 2:02 am
Service ok to use. 04/09/2018 1:50 pm
dish tv 10/14/2017 6:29 pm
dish 06/20/2017 2:16 pm
Sales dish tv 10/14/2016 9:50 am

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(800) 333-3474




+1 800-333-3474



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