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Fraud Recording say's they are bank card services then asks for you to enter your card number first or your social security number to find your account.. DO NOT DO THIS AS IT IS A SCAM FOR IDENTITY THEFT. The recording sound like it could be the bank but if you actually get a person, ask them what card you have and what are the last 4 number of your card is. They will hang up on you right then. DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM. 10/05/2019 12:20 pm
I rate this number as spam 09/24/2019 6:55 pm
Service unknown phone number 07/17/2019 1:59 pm
Debt collection agency spam number 07/09/2019 1:30 pm
Other reason credit cards 05/20/2019 3:49 pm
Ping call silent call. 03/11/2019 7:46 pm
because of the info to block the number 01/23/2019 10:07 am
Sales spam 12/21/2018 4:25 pm
Other reason 12 others 08/14/2018 12:41 pm
Cost trap I answered but they didn’t talk. It’s a scam for sure. They are spoofing US Banks phone number 06/18/2018 12:03 pm

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(800) 285-8585




+1 800-285-8585



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