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RatingCall typeCommentTime
Sales telemarketing 03/04/2020 1:22 pm
Cost trap Spam 02/06/2020 3:00 pm
Other reason relentless caller 01/30/2020 6:02 pm
Cost trap too many others reports for spam 01/22/2020 1:57 pm
spam 12/26/2019 7:08 pm
Other reason most have negative response 12/26/2019 3:36 pm
card servises sales 12/23/2019 12:23 pm
Cost trap I get these calls several times a day from different numbers, always wanting to lower my interest rates. I answer the caller by saying "How are you lieing scamming Corksuckers (sp?)doing today boy? If they respond I keep talking over them with the above phrase or by telling them they should be recording this conversation so they can play it back to their associates. I tell them I am recording it so I can play it back to my friends and they think it is a hoot. I stay on the line until they hang up. If they quit talking and the line is still open I give them the old "shave and a hair cut" using the # key. They have called me by name (I don't respond except as indicated above). They recognize my voice now and sometime do not talk at all. Lately they are trying to sell extended auto warrantys. I can tell because it is the same "Your call is important to us" exactly. 11/25/2019 2:55 pm
Scammers are using this number on their call out phones. The number actually belongs to USbank customer service and is a legit business ph number. 10/29/2019 4:21 pm
Fraud Recording say's they are bank card services then asks for you to enter your card number first or your social security number to find your account.. DO NOT DO THIS AS IT IS A SCAM FOR IDENTITY THEFT. The recording sound like it could be the bank but if you actually get a person, ask them what card you have and what are the last 4 number of your card is. They will hang up on you right then. DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM. 10/05/2019 12:20 pm

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(800) 285-8585




+1 800-285-8585



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