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Attica, NYUnited States

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Claim to be getting you a grant. Most of the people have severe Indian Accents. They coach you what to say, so you allegedly can get a grant, then tell you to not mention the Grant and coaching to later people you are transferred to. Allegedly the final people they try to put you in contact with are a school or two, but one school didn't answer and the other school's "staff" was busy in "meetings and orientations". I humored them to see where it went and to take up there time if they were scammers. Final person who was acting as the liaison to contact the schools, spoke clearly and without any sign of accent, and informed the secretary at the "school" that answered that she was calling on behalf of the "Education Network". Note, before the "Liaison", I could hear noise from other people in the background that sounded like other people with the Indian accents making the same speeches as all the others, including hearing one person coaching someone while I was being asked if I'd been coached by the last guy who I was supposed to tell I had not been coached. Arguably, the callers did progress in quality of English from least articulate to most. 04/06/2017 5:00 pm

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