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New YorkUnited States

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Ping call This number appear on my phone several time with a silent caller. It's very annoying that they are allowed to make sure these unwanted calls. 10/04/2018 11:39 am
Ping call when you answer nobody's there 10/03/2018 3:18 pm
Other reason Loan scammer. Reported to government offices. This phone number scammed me twice in last two weeks. They were saying the IRS is going to arrest me in a matter of minutes. Proof these scammers use many covers to try to get money. 09/20/2018 3:16 pm
Fraud spam 07/31/2018 1:15 pm
I just blocked the call as soon as it stopped ringing. Hopefully, they don't have a slew of numbers to call me for something, whereby, I did not ask 05/07/2018 11:32 am
Fraud Do NOT answer. Do NOT "press 1" or any other number. Do NOT call back. Report all calls to FBI: 04/10/2018 3:05 pm
Fraud Robocall, company Fast Funding said they sent me a letter, never got it. Pressed #1, got "John." Ask him for his mandatory authorization number for not having proper caller ID. No response. Told him I got no letter. No response. Ask him how he liked his company defaming him and making him a liar. No response. Gave him full legal cease and desist notice. No response. Fast Funding now owes me $25, and will be assessed a $100 late fee on the first of each month on any outstanding balance in each of their accounts. Their consent is automatic, thanks to "John." Looking forward to putting this on their credit report. ;) 03/28/2018 4:12 pm
Fraud Low IQ criminals that want to steal your wealth. 02/05/2018 2:07 pm
Other reason Scam loan call 01/19/2018 11:07 am
Commercial spammers 01/16/2018 12:21 pm

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+1 516-320-6151



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