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GeorgiaUnited States

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Yep, the good ole Charity Scam (veterans, firefighters etc), 1-404-445-5412 IS ANOTHER SCAM NO, w/ capital letters!!!! Started receiving Charity SCAM calls - from (404) 445-5412 - about two weeks ago, again, from numbers: 404-445-5412, 1-404-445-5412. On the first call I pretended that I don’t understand English (and it’s not so good really) the Indian/Pakistani girl seemed disappointed but continued with the same idiotic catch story (injured veterans needing food, shelter etc) and ... hang up. Then she called me again, trying to convince me to donate $ 100 (credit card, PayPal or Western Union ;-)))) to that bogus veteran's "charity". I asked for the official contact data and IRS registration no (required by IRS, per federal law) and she said they are in the moving process now, thus do not have handy, but ...the 404-445-5412 phone number. Then, she hangs up...again SCAM, SCAM ,SCAM, SCAM ,SCAM, SCAM ,SCAM, SCAM ,SCAM, SCAM , To avoid being scammed just: 1) Never give out credit card, bank account, or other personal information over the phone. 2) Beware of "sound alike" organizations that have names similar to responsible, reputable charities. Don't be swayed merely by a benevolent-sounding name. 3) Remember that you have the right to end the phone call whenever you wish. You should never feel coerced into giving. 4) If you wish to donate by phone, YOU MUST CONTACT (BY PHONE) THE CHARITY, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, UNLESS YOU’VE ALREADY INTERACTED WITH THAT CHARITY BEFOREHAND. 03/29/2017 5:00 pm

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(404) 445-5412




+1 404-445-5412