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MassachusettsUnited States

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Fraud fucking piece of shit asshole called. If he came to my door I would blow his fucking head off with my shotgun 10/11/2018 5:30 am
Other reason always calling at odd times 10/04/2018 8:23 pm
Sales I have a outgoing message in French, not only this number but a couple other's call only one time, when they hear the words in French, they never call back again !! lol works the best !! 08/21/2018 11:31 am
Other reason Telemarketers... Repeatly calls at different times. When I’ve answered... nothing but ANNOYING MUSIC PLAYING. No person.. no voicemail... I have MAG on voicemail explaining to LEAVE MESSAGE OR REMOVE MY MUMBER FROM CALLING LIST!! I AM on Government DO NOT CALL LIST!! But ignores message! Now I Don’t answer, I put that number in my BLOCKER CALLER List. I’m looking into APP Highly Recommended “ROBO Call Blocker”. 07/12/2018 5:34 pm
Sales Always calls & asks for Sarah. No one named Sarah has ever owned my number. I’ve told him multiple times to take my name off his list. He never does & finally has started asking about my vehicle. I finally blocked the number. 06/30/2018 11:33 am
Fraud it is spam 06/29/2018 12:48 pm
Sales I would like to know where he got the information that i just changed insurance. Or that i need insurance what can he do with my auto insurance information? And should i be worried? 06/19/2018 8:03 pm
Other reason Very rude man says hello over and over on my voicemail, then says "I'm sorry, I think we have a bad connection. I'll call you back when it's resolved. Thank you." I called the number back and an old lady answered the phone and asked to confirm my name. She said they were LCN. I told her that they needed to remove this number from their call list. She hung up. Scammer. 06/18/2018 1:33 pm
Other reason kept saying hello over and over then said we have a bad connection Iwill call you back when it is resolved 06/16/2018 4:03 pm
Sales Very rude gentleman on the phone. If you are trying to sell something, maybe they should start being a little nicer and not as pushy. 06/13/2018 8:17 pm

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(351) 888-0858




+1 351-888-0858



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