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(305) 818-5223

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United StatesHialeah, FL

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  • Do not give any information when you receive a call from this number. This is a scam to fill prescriptions for a pain medication. I received a call from this number a week ago. The caller said he is calling from BC&BS. He asked to verify the name of my primary physician and how long ago I saw him. He then asked me if I had any joint pain, at this point I started to get suspicious and began asking questions to verify his identity. The caller hung up promptly. A nurse from my physician’s office just called to say that a pain prescription “written” by my doctor was submitted to a pharmacy, the pharmacy did not fill it for for some reason, and the prescription went back to this nurse. She had thought it was legit and tried to re-submit it for me. I told her that this was not written by my doctor, that I was not on this medication.Report this comment Report this comment

  • A man with an Indian accent called, very hard to hear but he said he was calling from Nevada State and updating records. He asked for me by my name but I did not confirm it with him, he also asked if I lived in Nevada and then stated my address, I told him no I didn’t even though he had it correct. It’s clearly a scam and these people need to be caught. I hung up when he attempted to ask for “HIPPA” information.Report this comment Report this comment

  • Caller said she wanted to verify my information for my insurance company and listed 3 different companies that I do not have insurance with. Sounded like she was calling from a cell phone while walking on the freeway.Report this comment Report this comment

  • HANG UP AND BLOCK THEIR NUMBER. I called my insurance company. This is a scam scam scam! my Healthcare Company / Insurance Company isn’t sure yet what these people are doing, but it might be an attempt to stick you with high priced vitamins.Report this comment Report this comment

  • I received the same call as those listed in the comments below. She hung up on me once I told her I didn’t know my primary doctors name. She had old address and I accidentally gave her an updated one, before I realized what was going on.Report this comment Report this comment

  • said they were calling to update my info for my health insurance, calling from “health incidents like humana, blue cross, united”. I told them my info was up to date and could I have a number to call them back. they gave 800-667-84. I said that wasn’t a phone number and they hung up on me. knew my name, phone number, and age. wanted my primary docs info which I refused to give. I asked what do you have? “many different doctors”. again, my info is current and my health insurance has that infoReport this comment Report this comment

  • Said they were calling from BlueCross/blue Shield Medicare and the accent was strong Middle East! Told them I wasn’t. Interested and to not call again but they continue to call. Received 4 calls today with one female voice! Now I’m blocking them because they’re been calling constantly for a week asking for medical info.Report this comment Report this comment

  • Claimed to be Blue Cross and Blue Shield. She knew the state I lived in, but needed everything else. When asked who my primary doctor was, I told her to contact the Dept Vet Affairs for then. She ended up hanging up on my when I asked her to confirm who she was before providing my DOB. SCAM!!!!Report this comment Report this comment

  • If they want to verify my BCBS Medicaid they can call my HR department not me. Oh and I don’t have medicaid that’s a new twist on them.Report this comment Report this comment

  • Same thing as everyone else is reporting. Scammer asking to verify medical information.Report this comment Report this comment

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