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(240) 555-3429

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  • This man called me while I was in school and asked about mom and grandma. He then proceeded to ask if I could give him money because he was poor and homeless. This man lives 14 hours away from me and shouldn’t be contacting someone that far. He then proceeded to adjust his headset and broke character. I told him the police where on the way and hung up.Report this comment Report this comment

  • Never stops calling!! Calls several times a day, everyday!Report this comment Report this comment

  • They called saying I was awarded a grant for $14,566. They couldnt mail a check and needed an account. I told him I don’t have one and he told be to go buy a prepaid card for the deposit. The government isn’t going to call someone and offer free money. It’s hard enough getting money for college and your own tax money paid in through the year.Report this comment Report this comment

  • Told me I had won a grant for $14000+ as well. Tried to get my information when I wouldn’t give him my info, told me to get a prepaid card. My supposed grant verification number DW010. How many others are DW010?Report this comment Report this comment

  • Scammer! The caller said that the government will give me a grant of over $14K – I told him I’m going to report him for his illegal activities. He hung up! What a loser!!!!Report this comment Report this comment

  • A man with a heavy Chinese accent called and asked for me and said that the U.S Government had issued me 40,568.00 and said that I had never filed for bankruptcy never had a felony and never filed taxes. And ask what I was gonna do with this money.Report this comment Report this comment

  • I had two different people call with two different amounts yesterday. I made the second guy cry and then he told me he was going to kill himself b/c he didn’t want to live anymore. I’ve told them I’m not interested and I’ve already had two calls today as well. Really starting to get pissed offReport this comment Report this comment

  • Called me saying I was chosen by the government to get $14,566. India man with the name Steve Jones lol. Knew it was a scamReport this comment Report this comment

  • This number called and asked for an ex boyfriend of mine- then stated he is going to get $14,500 from the US government grant department because he pays his taxes, has not filed bankruptcy, and has no past/present criminal record. Funniest part is, he’s a felon- never worked (so hasnt paid taxes) and should be filing bankruptcy! These calls are a few times a day- always has a mid-eastern accent, and is always named “Jack.”Report this comment Report this comment

  • I got called and was tole I am entitles to get $3400 because I am one the 20 people chosen based on the age, tax status etc. I told them, I don;t want free money and get lostReport this comment Report this comment

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