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(212) 777-3455

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United StatesNew York City (Manhattan only)

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  • This one, heavy Indian (dot not feather) accent says there’s something wrong with my computer. Computer’s been off all morning, #2 could not tell me which software I use. All these folks want is to control your computer enough to install their virus and then make you pay to get them to disable it. What you need to do if you chose to do this is mess with them. Those hand held air horns are a good tool. They still sell TeleZappers and they do work.Report this comment Report this comment

  • Guy on the other end, Indian accent, told me he is from MICROSOFT and there is a problem with my PC. I told him I know for a fact the MICROSOFT does NOT call you offing to fix your PC over the phone. He said I was mistaken. I laughed and told him my husband works for MICROSOFT and he hung up! Please tell ALL your friends and family that this is going on! And not to believe this BS!!!!Report this comment Report this comment

  • they were askin for banking informationReport this comment Report this comment

  • They keep calling but no one is ever on the line.Report this comment Report this comment

  • BEWARE: I received the same phone call yesterday from someone (Indian) saying they were from the Windows Tech Dept and there was a problem with security. My computer had been hacked and needed to be fixed so it couldn’t be used by hackers to hack into other computers and wanted me to press the windows key the same time I pressed another key. I told him I wasn’t at my computer, but would write them down and run them past my IT guy. He said it was a threat to security and if I didn’t do it then, he would have to block my IP address. (I knew it was a hoax and wanted to see how far he’d go). He said I had 5 min b4 he shut it down. I told him go ahead(my computer was shut down and I had everything backed up) and I had called the FBI to put a trace on the call. Then he started to get nasty. He said I was being recorded, I must be a Russian spy and working for the Russians and they were hacking into people’s computers, and he was going to hand the tape and my info over to the FBI and they would come and arrest me for being a paid Russian spy. I told him to go ahead – the FBI would take one look at my checking account and know that wasn’t true. Then I heard someone else in the room tell him he was taking too long and he hung up. I still have internet access and my computer is still working fine.Report this comment Report this comment

  • Habib: Hello, my name is (something indian, I’ll go with Habib) from the Windows Technical support department. We have been monitoring your computer for the past couple of weeks and there are some big problems with the security. Your computer is going to be hacked and going to be full of viruses if you don’t let me help you fix it! Me: OK Habib: What do you see on your screen right now? Me: My desktop. Habib: Do you see the icons that you normally see there? Me: Yep. Habib: Do you see a key on the bottom left of the keyboard that is labelled C-T-R-L? Me: Yep. Habib: What key do you see to the direct right of that? Me: The Windows key. Habib: Great, ok, I need you to hold down that windows key, don’t let it go, and then press the “R” key and let them both go. Me: OK. Habib: What do you see? Me: My desktop, still. Habib: Did you hold down the key liked I told you? Me: Yep. Habib: And it didn’t do anything? Me: Nope. Habib: Hmmm…. Me: It’s probably not going to do anything because I’m running Linux. Habib: (mumbled something under his breath) You are a stupid asshole. -click- (hung up) Me: ROFLMAO!!!Report this comment Report this comment

  • My husband told him not to call…has no computer…hung up. The man called back on a different number and called him a mother*******!Report this comment Report this comment

  • This number call 15 to 20 times a a dayReport this comment Report this comment

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