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Washington StateUnited States

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Cost trap scam all the way! 12/02/2017 1:53 pm
Scammer for sure! Put an item for sale on Knoxville, TN craigslist. Got a text from this number saying to send him my info so he can send a check blah blah... Wish I could have found the name and address accociated with his number :( I'll be calling him every hour late into the night. Hope he likes being annoyed!! 05/24/2017 7:36 pm
They tried it talking about go to walmart call them get this valcher pay $300 for it to receive 7000 free money but only can get 2000 at a time. Get the fuck out of here the day i pay for money is the day i die 05/18/2017 12:36 pm
Just got the scam call free $7000. from US Government because I am so wonderful and do not owe anyone sooo this person stayed on line explaining everything,just need to call toll free the senior accountant to receive my once in a life time grant...funny how the US hires people with an accent hardly able to understand.. 05/17/2017 5:10 pm
Who ever is dumb enough to believe these people and give them there money deserves what they get I might of been born at night but it sure as hell wasn't last d night this is a big scam dumb ass 04/19/2017 7:00 pm
$7000 dollar grant haha. You have to pay $350 and the guy is someone that can't speak English. 04/17/2017 6:30 pm
Fraud this is quite the little scam, i love messing with these idiots, they say youll get at 7000.00 grant from the united states, never have to pay it back. all they need is your routing and acct. number. what a bunch of morons. 04/05/2017 2:50 pm

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(206) 929-6913




+1 206-929-6913



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