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Washington D.C.United States

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Other reason As of 12-18-18, since yesterday this number (202-656-2633 - showing Washington, D.C.) has phoned my cell phone NINE (9) times. I have a recorded message stating that calls I don't recognize will go to VM, and if it's important they can leave me a message. EACH TIME this number has called, it has gone to my VM, but there's nothing recorded, as it's blank. However, it uses up the entire VM recording time, which apparently is 2 min & 59 seconds. So I let it "play thru" for the entire time to make sure there was nothing there & there wasn't. So each time I got the VM from this number, I just called & deleted my VM. However, after NINE (9) times in less than 24 hours ...this is absurd! The good thing is that I just got a new phone number, and will be deleting my current number in about a week. It's a CO-based number and I will soon have an AL-based number. Due to the amount of spam calls I've been getting on my CO-based number, I just can't deal with it anymore. So anyway ...wanted to let you know, as I will also be reporting this number - though it's probably rerouted from out-of-country. 12/18/2018 2:24 pm
Other reason IDIOTS keep calling! Will not say who they are or the name of the business. Called approx. 20 yesterday and 12 today. This is definitely a robo call and they are conducting a spam. 12/14/2018 5:24 pm
Fraud scammers called me congratulations your name and number showed up for and approved for a grant over $9,000 i said keep it and fuck off im not giving you scammer my bank account or credit card or giftcards wow its christmas times means tons scam calls .so never trust anyone unless you know them for sure they want gift cards,western union,checking info,paypal,and credit card info if you give them any these things you will get scammed and robbed. instead blocking these retards the government should track down and arrest them,most calls look local or from washington dc and the scammers are in others countries mainly india,they think we are all retarded to believe and trust them. some claim to be from irs and places anything you win you dont have to pay to get it,some looks convincing but never trust them. dam foreighners need to get a job make and honest living where they live quit trying rob others. 12/05/2018 2:39 pm

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(202) 656-2633




+1 202-656-2633