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Washington D.C.United States

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Received a call claiming we are eligible for a grant in excess of $9000.00, caller had an accent. Scam. 11/08/2017 6:07 pm
Fraud inappropriate comments and he said he work for the IRS 10/16/2017 4:13 pm
Received call from 1-202-345-6781 on October 13, 2017 at 10:12a.m. regarding a grant that I quaulified for in the amount of $9,500.00. I never applied for a grant! Also, government grants or any type of grants, that are legitimate, you have to apply for and contact them on a regular basis to find out if you have been approved. If you are approved then they will send you a legal form aproval letter stating that you have been aproved. Grant commissions/committees will never call you, especially to offer you a grant out of the blue! Please do not fall for this scam!?!?! And Please DO NOT provide any of your information to them!?!?! The person that called me had an acsent from the middle east and/or India. Make no mistake, I am not racist and/or prejudice at all! I just want all of you to know the details of this scam call. Let us NOT hate the individuals that are indulging in this criminal activity, instead let us ALL pray for them and love them to conversion and Heaven! May God Bless you All Abundantly and Keep you All Extremely Safe and So Very Close To Mother Mary!!! 10/13/2017 2:00 pm
Does not say anything and hangs up. Same number tried to scam me with a grant. 10/11/2017 4:32 am
Fraud Take my number out of your damn system and F**King calling my phone. 09/05/2017 7:18 pm
Hangs up without leaving a message. A legitimate caller leaves messages. This number is number 0-8 with 1 moved to the end. Creative suspicious number. I used to work for AT&T and they didn't use these types of 12345678 numbers they used numbers not in order that had patterns. This is not a true legitimate phone number. 06/23/2017 5:37 pm

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Possible alternative formats


(202) 345-6781




+1 202-345-6781



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1Federal Grant Scammers3
2dont Answer3