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New JerseyUnited States

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Fraud Called saying I was approved for an auto loan but asked me what amount I wanted. I was like, wait a minute.. You are supposed to tell me what amount I was approved for. He got frustrated ...samed Indian or Pakistani accent. No Bueno 05/07/2018 6:32 pm
Other reason Unsolicited call. I did not answer. 04/29/2018 1:32 pm
Other reason harassment to get auto loan whi ch i never applied for hang up to my face and cursed me out 04/18/2018 1:51 pm
spam 03/14/2018 5:45 pm
stop calling my number 03/06/2018 11:11 am
Other reason its keeps calling my number 02/24/2018 9:50 am
Sales Has been harassing me for a month. Now Is calling, calling me a fucking bitch 02/21/2018 7:30 am
Other reason call me this morning,the voice 100% sure from india or pakisztan heckker! His sad my name and bullshit ,and hang out 02/21/2018 7:30 am
Fraud I get daily, but I have a free call blocker app. I simply add the # to Blacklist and when anyone on it calls I have it set to pick up and immediately hang up. I just don't mess with any of them now. 02/01/2018 3:37 pm
Fraud These people need to be stopped asap they just asked my husband for his 9 digit ss# guarantee these people steal other people's identity 01/23/2018 4:37 pm

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(201) 590-1778




+1 201-590-1778



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