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  • don’t know them. If closed , no one needs to callReport this comment Report this comment

  • November 2017: FCC Report and Order Authorizing Robocall Blocking by Providers The FCC has taken a number of steps to limit the prevalence of fraudulent or illegal robocalls. In November 2017, the FCC issued a Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (Report and Order) tackling Caller ID spoofing by allowing carriers to proactively block types of calls that are likely to be illegitimate robocalls. Titled “Advanced Methods to Target and Eliminate Unlawful Robocalls,” the Report and Order identifies four “specific, well-defined circumstances in which voice service providers may block calls that are highly likely to be illegitimate because there is no lawful reason to spoof certain kinds of numbers.” Blocking these four types of calls will not, the FCC assures providers, “violate the call completion rules.” DNO request. Carriers may block calls purporting to be from a phone number placed on a “do not originate” (DNO) list by the number’s subscriber. Invalid numbers. Carriers may block calls from invalid numbers. Examples include numbers that use an unassigned area code, or an abbreviated dialing code, such as 91155 or 411, in place of an area code; numbers that do not contain the requisite number of digits; and numbers that repeat a single digit, such as 000-000-0000. Un-allocated numbers. The FCC also will permit carriers to block calls originating from numbers that are valid, but have not yet been allocated to any provider. Un-used numbers. Finally, the FCC will allow carriers to block calls that are allocated to a provider, but “unused” in the sense of not being assigned to a subscriber, i.e. a consumer. The new rules set forth in the Report and Order do not cover text messages, and the FCC continues to prohibit the blocking of emergency calls. The FCC acknowledges that the rules promulgated by the Report and Order risk blocking legitimate calls erroneously. To address this risk, the FCC “strongly encourages” carriers to set up a transparent process by which legitimate callers can challenge a blocked number, and receive a prompt resolution. The FCC sought comment on the best ways to resolve erroneously blocked calls, for example through a formal “challenge” process with agreed-upon timeframes for resolution. Four of the five commissioners on the FCC (including Chairman Pai) voted to approve this Report and Order. Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel dissented from the measure, citing a “great flaw” in the Report and Order’s failure to prevent carriers from charging consumers for call-blocking services.Report this comment Report this comment

  • Trash! Bullish telemarketer from India!Report this comment Report this comment

  • bullshit credit card interest rate scamReport this comment Report this comment

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