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Phone numberRatingCall typeCommentTime
5703391040Other reason This Number Belongs to UNB Bank in Carmel PA 09/20/2020 12:07 pm
8035727964Other reason Good number, good business and great customer care. 09/20/2020 12:05 pm
8337771121Fraud This person called me from a Bar Scene Business. Pissed me the F off. I hung up on her. 09/20/2020 7:09 am
3309443030Other reason Funds solicitor 09/19/2020 9:19 pm
5597103170Support he's a good guy 09/19/2020 7:50 pm
8033107884Other reason This was a call from child protective services. The man was polite respectful and confirmed his identity no problem. 09/19/2020 5:36 pm
2155122203Other reason Dee Dee 09/19/2020 4:58 pm
6617557199Other reason wrong number 09/19/2020 2:53 pm
3219994229Cost trap scamers trying to pass for medical devise system there just trying to get a scope to where I live and whens the best time to raid me and steal .ANYTHING of value shit theyll be surprised when they find out the only thing I own out right top drawer to the right are my panties. no gold/silver rings of any kind only because I had it all at 1 time in my life but every thing was stolen and they know who did it They'll have to answer to someone alot greater if they even make it to the pearly gates of he even that's y now I live to enjoy myself and how I feel thank God for 3 people Doug my hubbie j a nice was my pt lady 4 recommending a KAFO FOR MY LEFT LEG AND DR. CILBIRTH MY PAIN SPECIALIST KEEPING ME MOVEN 09/19/2020 2:32 pm
7089253793Other reason because that's my baby boy I love him! 09/19/2020 1:49 pm

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