Clever Dialer 1.17 is here and takes a view on friendly callers

Clever Dialer hails friendly callers

Having started a product like Clever Dialer with spam detection in mind makes you sometimes forget, that there are not only dangerous guys calling people. In fact, sometimes there are really lovely people calling who want to help you, even if you do not have them stored in your address book. Just the other day I had an agent from my newspaper publisher call me to tell me, I get a year of online issues for 30 % off the regular price. Nice! Or my plumber called to inform me, that he can confirm our appointment.

So, taking a more realistic view on things, there are most likely lots of lovely people calling every day. What we failed to do up to now is give you a chance to rate them accurately. Sure, you could give them the thumbs up, but you could not award them an adequate category. Having seen this, we added some new and shiny categories to the app so you can do justice to all the lovely callers that make your day a little bit brighter.

Booking made easier

But, of course, that is not all. Remember the frustration you feel when you called a restaurant or a hair dresser last time, and the line was busy all the time, or nobody answered the call? It would have been helpful to know that you can make your appointment online. But you did not, and so you tried again and again until you got through or gave up. Clever Dialer is about to expand the places where you can see booking information. You can already see it after the call. Now you can also see it in the call log. In our next release, we will take it even further and make it easier for you to get the appointments you want in much less time.

Jazzing up

Last but not least, we had our plastic surgeons have ago on the app, and I have to say they did a good job. Not only is the app more appealing now, but in many places, it is also more comfortable to handle.

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Clever Dialer 1.17 is gradually rolling out now, so it might take a bit until you receive your update.

What is Clever Dialer?

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