Why spam data must be up-to-the-minute

Up-to-the-minute spam database

Keeping pace with spam callers

I guess we all can agree that spam calls, robocalls, cold calls or whatever you call them are a nuisance, to say the least. Not only have they grown in volume over last years but also the spam callers get more creative, too.

This is why it is so important for an app like Clever Dialer to have a reliable, up-to-the-minute database. An update once a day is by far not enough. Most spammers or robocalls do not use just one phone number but a whole pool. Identifying these numbers is not so easy but we have help. 🙂

The social bunch

How do we at Clever Dialer achieve this? By listening to our users. Clever Dialer users are a very social bunch. Whenever they receive a spam call, they tell us by clicking on the on the RATE button after the call. Here users not only can rate a call but also add some additional information like what kind of call was it, was it a call from a company andClever Dialer Rating Types what was the name of the company. Our users can leave this process at any point. They just give us as much information as they feel comfortable with or as their time allows.

All the ratings go through a bit of Clever Dialer magic immediately, and as soon as a number received sufficient signals to signify it as spam, our users receive a warning as soon as the number calls them. Of course, there are not only negative ratings. About 20 % of all ratings are positive, 12 % are neutral and 68 % are negative.


The working horse

Naturally, this does not come without a price. As almost every call is checked live against our database, we must provide an infrastructure that can cope with this load. Our system must handle approximately 75 million requests a month with an upward trend and it does so bravely. 😉

I said that we check almost every call live. What about the others? I will discuss this in my next blog entry.


What is Clever Dialer?

In our video we explain to you how our app protects you from spam calls.