Press release – Clever Dialer now partners with Das Örtliche

German directory provider Das Örtliche now added valuable functionality to its Android app by incorporating the Clever Dialer SDK.

Nuremberg, Germany – “Spam calls? No thank you” it is from now on for the users of the Android app from Das Örtliche. This is possible because of a partnership with validio GmbH & Co. KG who enables Das Örtliche to use Clever Dialer functionality by using their SDK. Thomas Wrobel, CTO of validio GmbH & Co. KG, explains: “Das Örtliche uses proven and reliable spam detection and caller identification of Clever Dialer.”

Unsolicited call, robot calls, telephone terror and cost traps are now a thing of the past. Fans of Clever Dialer enjoy this for a long time already, and now users of Das Örtliche can also take calls from unrecognizable phone numbers with much more ease. Incoming calls are being checked against Clever Dialer’s spam database. Should a number be identified as spam, the user sees an overlay warning him against answering the call. Calls that have not been identified as spam are being checked against the vast directory database of “Das Örtliche” to identify the caller. If the number is being found the user sees who is calling him in the same overlay. Apart from that, the Android user can add data from the caller identification to his local address book. This is done by an overlay the app shows to the user after the call which sums up all the information about the caller.

Technology from Nuremberg, Germany

The company behind this technology and the software development kit is validio GmbH & Co. KG from Nuremberg, Germany. validio’s flagship product Clever Dialer is in the market for some years now and shows more than one million installations in countries like UK, USA, Canada, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and, of course, Germany. The free app identifies callers based on many different sources – assumed that the phone number of the caller is not suppressed. Annoying calls from call centres are a thing of the past.

About Clever Dialer by validio GmbH & Co. KG

Clever Dialer is an app for Android phones which identifies unknown callers and at the same time protects against unwanted spam calls and cost traps. The free app uses various sources like Yelp, Gelbe Seite and Das Telefonbuch to identify the caller. Annoying calls from call centers or robot calls are a thing of the past. You don’t even need to register. Unlike some competitors, Clever Dialer does not ask you to upload you address book with your data and the data of your friends and colleagues. Clever Dialer now has more than one million installations with an ever increasing number. The app has been designed and developed by validio GmbH & Co. KG with headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. validio works on mobile projects starting with the conception of apps and mobile websites all through agile project management and development. The team of 10 focuses on Java and Android development.

Future cooperations

Clever Dialer is constantly looking for partners to extend and improve it’s caller identification. If you are interested, please contact Thomas Wrobel,



What is Clever Dialer?

In our video we explain to you how our app protects you from spam calls.