Clever Dialer now protects you against dangerous phone spam

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Spam Protection

  • Warns against spam calls and scammers
  • Detects spam calls even if you are offline
  • Easily block annoying calls
  • Protects against phone harassment
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  • Thanks to our community spammers and scammers don't stand a chance
  • Clever Dialer users report cold calls, spam calls and scam calls
  • The community takes care that users are protected against annoying calls

Recent comments


(855) 615-4300 Marked as neutral • Fraud

Spamming or faud no it ask for ur pin number don’t put it in!!!! Call ur cell phone carrier or…

04/21/2018 6:22 pm


(559) 633-9558 Marked as negative • Other reason

They call d stating we we’re approved for a loan but had to pay PPI insurance of 149.00 so we…

04/21/2018 4:06 pm


(940) 301-3452 Marked as negative • Customer Service

they said it was health care and need make sure my address was right and phone number

04/21/2018 1:02 pm


(301) 690-0511 Marked as negative

possible spammer

04/21/2018 1:51 am


(708) 527-1599 Marked as negative • Sales


04/20/2018 9:30 pm


(202) 846-0099 Marked as negative • Fraud

didn't leave a message

04/20/2018 8:47 pm


(315) 714-4395 Marked as negative • Other reason

I do not know who this is and they text me asking why they received a call from me, which…

04/20/2018 8:35 pm


(478) 841-8347 Marked as negative • Other reason

Did not answer this call since I do not know the number or anyone from that area. called twice.

04/20/2018 8:35 pm


(240) 817-0124 Marked as neutral • Other reason

don't know who this is

04/20/2018 8:30 pm


(248) 237-4345 Marked as negative • Debt collection agency

do not answer ,or talk to them, if is not on your credit report , ignore it

04/20/2018 8:05 pm

Play Store Reviews

Review from Winter R.

This helped me when I couldn’t afford some bills and now they collectors won’t stop calling me. It blocks known collectors and you can see and write reviews of who it is and if they are bill collectors or not. A+ !

Review from Jay M.

Finally found an app that lets you mark bogus calls . With my security apps, it’s added protection of repeat spamers.

Review from Ann-Marie B.

I love it it’s the best app I have installed it warns you when cold callers are ringing and how many people have bloked the number

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