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Phone numberRatingCall typeCommentTime
6027530021Ping call silent electronic call. 05/29/2020 9:42 pm
7208287358Other reason denver post sales 05/29/2020 9:34 pm
011 56 45415693Cost trap credit card scam 05/29/2020 5:19 pm
5134931676Other reason don't recognize 05/29/2020 5:17 pm
5135463816Other reason Called me many times and claimed to be wrong number for many times as well! 05/29/2020 4:50 pm
2564274081Ping call Silent call 05/29/2020 4:43 pm
9198183881Survey spam 05/29/2020 4:32 pm
8636234830Other reason silent call 05/29/2020 3:53 pm
7752423458Other reason I don't have a car. 05/29/2020 3:44 pm
7579078427 It's a scam. 05/29/2020 3:43 pm

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