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Phone numberRatingCall typeCommentTime
7144436724Commercial this is an employee of a company i am sueing Tony Chane 01/25/2020 12:37 am
7027818952Sales sales 01/24/2020 9:30 pm
7632743899Other reason Caller ID reads "Optum" and I don't recognize that or do business with Optum or United Healthcare. No message left. I put them on my call blocked blacklist 01/24/2020 7:09 pm
5107129584Cost trap Not SS 01/24/2020 6:32 pm
3179343911Sales hearing administrator 01/24/2020 6:16 pm
8286048596Ping call This number keeps calling, but often now shows up on caller ID not with the number, but instead "V124135158000185799"...I don't answer it, but when it goes to voicemail, the voicemail service identifies the actual number as "828.604.8596" I'm on the Do Not Call list. Isn't this high volume calling, and spoofing the caller ID the way they do illegal? These calls come in at all hours of the day AND night. I've even had several between 3-5am. And these calls have been happening for well over a year now. This is ridiculous! 01/24/2020 5:37 pm
2246226612Ping call fake number 01/24/2020 5:36 pm
5739531478Other reason non working number 01/24/2020 5:29 pm
8657859717Sales cruise 01/24/2020 5:04 pm
9702898524Fraud Caller actually used a different number (616-952-6236) to robo-call my voicemail directly with the same old "$10,000 - OR MORE - every 10-14 days" fraud. The number I have indicated with this report is the number the caller provided for me to call him back - *RIGHT NOW* - which is never going to happen. I post this so that those searching can find a report on both numbers implicated in the fraud scam. 01/24/2020 4:56 pm

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